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Original Paintings

River Valley Ruins


When I was growing up, my sister who was several years older than me and married, was lucky enough to have a beautiful original painting by one of the 20th Century New England landscape painters. It might even have been by Eric Sloane, it was certainly in his style. There was a remnant of a rock wall in the foreground and maybe a barn in the far background in the corner, depicted on a gloomy day. The use of neutral colors was impressive, so atmospheric. I can't tell you how many hours I spent staring at that painting, trying to figure out the technique. At one point I boldly stated that I was close to being able to paint like that. My sister, recognizing my hubris came back with something like, "Well get going." ⁠
Working another photo taken at the Wildlife Refuge along the Minnesota River, this is my first attempt at a rock wall.

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River Valley Ruins.jpg